Established Chartered Surveyors in London

Scott Davidson was founded in 1980 and has established itself as one of the leading firms of chartered surveyors in London for residential property. In 2011 Scott Davidson merged with HIP London. Scott Davidson specialise in central London and carry out building surveys on large mansions running into the many millions to flats valued in the tens of thousands.

Along with our building surveyor services including residential and commercial surveys, we also offer epc (energy performance certificates), party wall surveyor services, dilapidation surveys and property inspection reports throughout London.

We are members of RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) and our partners, Mike Portis and Nicky Major have over 55 years of surveying experience. Our reputation has been built upon our excellent service to our clients. Scott Davidson offers a rapid turnaround with an efficient and competitive service.

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We are extremely pleased and appreciative of the depth of review and the expediency with which the survey was completed.
D.R 12.05.14
I would recommend Nicky Major as a surveyor for your flat, she is very good, reasonable cost and reliable, plus gives common sense advice!
E.T 02.05.14
Well done and many thanks for sorting this out so smoothly, despite our worst fears. I am very happy nonetheless. Thanks again for a very smooth job.
MB 23.04.14
I just wanted to thank you for providing such a thorough survey, the roof really does look quite a mess but hopefully the vendor will get on top of the contractors who were meant to have fixed it! I believe you are going round again, so thank you in advance for all your help on this - you have been brilliant!
LV 22.04.14
Thank you for your prompt service. Much appreciated.
A.S 11.03.14
Thank you so much for this incredibly clear, helpful and thorough report, and I appreciate the swift turnaround. You have a very grateful and impressed client.
P.M 13.02.14
Thanks for the report and especial thanks to the surveyor for getting it done so quickly!
W.T 04.02.14
Nicky Major has done quite a few surveys for friends of mine based off my recommendation from previous work and is very good, very reasonable cost, reliable, plus gives common sense advice!
E.T 07.02.14
Thank you very, very much for the report. I am extremely grateful.
J.S 29.11.13
Thank you for sending us the Valuation; Scott Davidson has been most helpful, and very quick in producing what was required.
J.P 21.11.13
Thank you for your excellent work.
J.S 7.11.13