Party Wall Surveys


A party wall divides the buildings of two owners and the boundary between the ownerships is, generally, somewhere in the thickness of the wall.

The Party Wall etc, Act 1996 gives the owner of a building certain rights to carry out works to a party wall. However, the building owner must serve a notice on his next-door neighbour informing him of his intention. There is always the possibility that some damage may be caused to the adjoining owners property, and the adjoining owner, therefore has the right to appoint his own surveyor to look after his interests. The fees of his surveyor are the liability of the building owner. Normally the two surveyors will then get together, prepare a schedule of condition of the property and reach an agreement as to the works and the rectification of any consequential damage. This agreement is called a Party Wall Award.

What you have to do

If you are a building owner who wants to carry out works to a party structure:

  • decide what the works are;

  • find a surveyor who knows about party walls;

  • instruct the surveyor;

  • wait until the surveyor has agreed the party wall award before commencing any works within the time limits laid down.

What you have to do

If you are an adjoining owner:

  • your next-door neighbour - the building owner - tells you they are planning on carrying out works to the party wall;

  • make sure they serve a party structure notice on you;

  • find a surveyor who knows about party walls

  • instruct the surveyor;

  • Your surveyor will agree the party wall award for you. It will, inter alia, make the necessary provisions for rectification of any damage that may be caused to your property.

  • None of this will cost you anything; all reasonable fees are paid by the building owner.

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