Nicky, thank you very much, and to Aneeka and Sarah, for all being so efficient in not only organising the survey but also for producing it so promptly. Thank you very much.

A.P.G 27.01.2021

Mike, thanks for this excellent building survey. I heard a lot of high regards for your work, from my builder, Estate Agent, my Solicitor etc…

N.D 18.05.20

I can highly recommend Nicky Major, a Partner of Scott Davidson, for a Building Survey. Nicky is efficient and clients are very pleased with the results she produces.

I.C 20.11.18

Nicky Major cc’d is the best local surveyor I have worked with in my 10 years here and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

E.R 21.08.18

I just wanted to write and say thank you very much for your assistance on the flat survey. You were very thorough and helpful.

R.K 14.03.18

Nicky is the best surveyor in London, very reasonable and efficient plus has very easy to understand comprehensive reports highlighting what to worry about and what not to (not all surveyors are!).

E.T 02.02.18

A huge thank you, we couldn't have done it without your patience and willingness to help.

C.D 05.01.18

Nicky should absolutely be first choice of surveyor, she is the best.

C.D 05.01.18

Thanks for all your brilliant work and support this year and I am really looking forward to continuing our excellent working relationship.

C.J 01.12.17

Thank you for sending the hard copy of the report so promptly. Once again many thanks for your prompt and thorough attention to the survey.

JB 10.11.17

Nicky has acted for many of my clients and is not only local to Notting Hill, but is efficient and professional.

A.L 30.05.17

Thanks so much for your help with both properties and I will recommend you to future clients.

S.M 24.02.17

Thank you for all your work and support.

H.M 14.02.17

Should you need a survey, Ms Nicky Major is excellent with period buildings in the area, reasonably priced and local.

E.T 26.01.17

A short note to thank you for your help and, in particular, highlighting the roof issues. I hope an opportunity to work again in 2017 arises before too long.

N.T 26.01.17

I am grateful to you for your help. It is nice to have found some excellent surveyors to work with.

I.C 25.01.17

Patrick, we are incredibly grateful to you for all your expertise and support in dealing with our party wall issues.

G.W 04.11.16

Thank you so much for the time you have spent on this, and clearly we have a problem that needs attention!

J.M 12.10.16

It�s definitely the most thorough survey report I have ever seen. This is very helpful.

Y.F 05.10.16

I have recommended you very highly, I just told them that if anyone was asking for a recommendation, to use YOU!!

J.N 09.06.16

Once again, many thanks indeed for your most helpful comments and information. I am most grateful and will certainly recommend you highly to anyone wanting a survey!!

J.N 19.05.16

Thank you so much for producing your excellent survey so speedily.

J.N 18.05.16

Thanks for all your help on this Patrick. Much appreciate the high level of service you have offered.

T.Q 08.04.16

A big and heartfelt thank you! From the outset we felt that you took great care and attention in producing the report. A big big thanks. You are sure to come with our warmest recommendations to anyone who needs a surveyor, we definitely want to use your services as much as we can!

B.R 22.12.15

Thank you for the incredibly fast turnaround of the survey report which was extremely helpful, and thanks so much for your call and setting my mind at rest! That is a huge relief and I can now go ahead and proceed with the purchase of the flat.

J.P 11.11.15

Thank you for the terrific job you did in helping us to sort everything out in less than 10 days from offer to exchange. It was a crazy dead line and you made it ! I appreciated your support, professionalism and responsiveness.

D.M 09.11.15

Many thanks for the speed and efficiency in which you have carried out the survey.

R.C 15.10.15

Thank you for the very complete and excellent survey on this house. Interesting reading.

M.H 16.09.15

Thanks so much for calling yesterday and taking the time to put my mind to rest about the damp issues and for the recommendation.

J.C 15.09.15

You have been amazing through our many trials & tribulations.

S.V 04.09.15

Thank you for being so diligent on behalf of our party wall (and ours!). We feel reassured that we have the best outcome possible.

V.R 19.07.15

Thanks again for the survey, that's extremely helpful. I will definitely recommend you to any of my friends who are moving and need your services!

J.M 16.07.15

Thanks so much for your report, and for the other emails you've been sending today. Your input has been extremely useful and I greatly appreciate it.

W.T 17.04.15

Many thanks for sending the survey report to me yesterday; I am very satisfied with how detailed and comprehensive it is.

T.S 02.04.15

Thank you for your excellent report.

RS. 11.03.15

Thank you for the report, I thought it was very thorough and well presented.

G.S 10.03.15

Please do pass on my thanks to Patrick and your team for being able to get this report done in such a timely manner, I will certainly be using your firm again in the future.

L.D 11.02.15

We all like working with you guys so it�s always a pleasure. I never get anything but very positive feedback.

R.J 18.12.14

Thank you for all your help in the purchase of the home. Your survey was prompt and very easy to read, despite its' great detail.

You have been so kind and helpful and I really appreciated your explaining everything to me and advising me.

C.C 15.12.14

Thanks again for the excellent survey - everyone who has seen it has been extremely impressed, and it�s been a big help in outlining the remediation works to be carried out by the builder.

H.B 08.12.14

The survey is incredibly helpful� you really went above and beyond our expectations by providing this document. We cannot thank you enough.

S.A 23.10.14

Mike Portis of Scott Davidson is the best surveyor I�ve come across, by a long way.

J.C 20.10.14

We have been impressed with the service Mike Portis provided us for our building survey. He is extremely knowledgeable, provides valuable advice and turned around the detailed report so quickly � amazed! It has been a pleasure working with Mike and we could not recommend him highly enough.

S.A 08.10.14

Thanks for getting the survey to me so quickly. It's of a great help as I am due to complete sometime next week.

Look forward to doing business with you again.

T.S 25.09.14

Thank you for providing the completed survey so promptly.

R.G 20.08.14

Thank you so much for emailing a copy of Nicky's excellent building survey of my future house.

A.S 07.08.14

We used Scott Davidson for surveys on two properties, in Chiswick and Maida Vale. We were extremely pleased with the work you undertook and would be keen to use your services for another purchase.

P.V 09.07.14

Brilliant! Thanks so much Nicky for all your help with this. You've been absolutely great.

S.D 12.06.14

Always a pleasure to recommend you � I get such good feedback about you and I find your surveys very easy to navigate �which always helps!

R.J 04.06.14

Could you please express our thanks to Mike Portis for the comprehensive report and for arranging the site visit at short notice.

C.R 15.05.14

Thank you very much for agreeing to represent us as well as your client. I really appreciated your efficiency and will happy refer to you friends for any of their surveying needs. Many thanks again.

G.B 12.05.14

We are extremely pleased and appreciative of the depth of review and the expediency with which the survey was completed.

D.R 12.05.14

I would recommend Nicky Major as a surveyor for your flat, she is very good, reasonable cost and reliable, plus gives common sense advice!

E.T 02.05.14

Well done and many thanks for sorting this out so smoothly, despite our worst fears. I am very happy nonetheless. Thanks again for a very smooth job.

MB 23.04.14

I just wanted to thank you for providing such a thorough survey, the roof really does look quite a mess but hopefully the vendor will get on top of the contractors who were meant to have fixed it!

I believe you are going round again, so thank you in advance for all your help on this - you have been brilliant!

Best regards

LV 22.04.14

Thank you for your prompt service. Much appreciated.

A.S 11.03.14

Thank you so much for this incredibly clear, helpful and thorough report, and I appreciate the swift turnaround.

You have a very grateful and impressed client.

P.M 13.02.14

Thanks for the report and especial thanks to the surveyor for getting it done so quickly!

W.T 04.02.14

Nicky Major has done quite a few surveys for friends of mine based off my recommendation from previous work and is very good, very reasonable cost, reliable, plus gives common sense advice!

E.T 07.02.14

Thank you very, very much for the report. I am extremely grateful.

J.S 29.11.13

Thank you for sending us the Valuation; Scott Davidson has been most helpful, and very quick in producing what was required

J.P 21.11.13

Thank you for your excellent work.

J.S 7.11.13

Thank you for your usual prompt and efficient job.

C.L 6.11.13

We value your good work and have appreciated your helpful advice in the past.

G.L 31.10.13

This letter is just to thank you for the splendidly thorough yet speedy survey you undertook a week ago. Your briskness and efficiency came as a bracing breath of fresh air!

BTM 07.10.13

Will be in touch should I need your invaluable advice , patience, professionalism and above all humour in the future. Many thanks indeed.

B.M 02.10.13

I would welcome a chat about the contents of your excellent survey. Still amazed by the clarity , quality and speed of your report!

C.L 01.10.13

Thank you very much again. Excellent service.

J.D 24.09.13

Thanks for sending the survey through. Much appreciated and impressed with the speed in which it was done!

S.C 13.08.13

Thank you so much for being absolutely brilliant during all the trials and tribulations with our Party Wall dispute.


You have been great throughout, and we very much appreciate it.

S.V 18.07.13

I just wanted to let you know how grateful I was to you for preparing your report so quickly. It really did save me a lot of time, money and aggravation that I was able to pull out of the purchase at an early stage. I would not hesitate to recommend your excellent firm in future or of course to use you again myself.

A.W 02.07.13

I wanted to thank you again for your very kind help and support during the building survey you have been doing in SW11 and am happy to announce you we have finally succeeded in exchanging! We are about to complete in the coming weeks. This is indeed great news and really we want to thank you for your help and support.

S.G 28.06.13

Thank you so much for this - really appreciated and in particular because of the amazing work you have done in co-ordinating all elements with Mr J.

L.B 20.06.13

We were really impressed with your work and were delighted to be able to recommend you when our friends asked.

F.L 23.05.13

Thank you, first class!

C.A 22.02.13

The seller has now confirmed that he will accept our offer. It is now clear that it was only our commitment to survey the property on Monday that clinched it; I need to thank you for acting for us so promptly and without hesitation - I am very impressed and enormously grateful to you!

C.A 22.02.13

brilliant! thanks for dropping the schedule around tonight. very fast turnaround!

N.S 06.02.13

Thanks for pushing on the dossier this week and for your regular updates to me on the progress. Your personal input on this is very much appreciated.

LB 21.12.12

Dear K�., What a nice man Mike Portis is!! He is such a sympathetic, sensible, professional man, if ever I need a surveyor in future I shall certainly appoint him. Thank you again for putting me in touch with him,
Kind regards

AC 13.12.12

Just a quick note to say that I received the Addendum Award. Thank you so much for all of your help and patience throughout this project. Thank you once again for all of your efforts!

M.S 30.11.12

I'm writing this while looking out onto the back garden. The wall facing me has been beautifully reconstructed and the paved area, equally well tidied up. This brings my personal thanks to you for your crucial role in bringing about this outcome.

NB 22.11.12

......and this is why you are my favourite party wall surveyor! You are the best of the best!

J.H 25.10.12 London surveyor

Thank you very much for the exceptionally responsive service.

J.N 21.10.12

I always enjoy reading your reports which I (and all my colleagues) find to be clear, concise and thorough � the clients are always delighted as well.

I.A � London Solicitor 17.10.12

I am writing to you long after the event of the survey having been done by yourselves on 27th October, 2011 for the above flat, but I have a problem.

You clearly stated in your report that there was a damp problem and that I should check for possible dry rot etc. in the surrounding area before decorating. I subsequently called in a damp specialist and another surveyor who works for the owner of the flat above mine. Both found nothing apparently worth worrying about as naturally I wasn't keen to start breaking walls down to check for other problems, but at the same time felt it prudent at least to have a few other opinions.

I carried on with my decorating plans and all the works were completed by February. Unfortunately, whilst repairing the portal and exterior front door a month ago dry rot was detected which affects all three flats, especially mine. You explained on page 15 of your report that the damp could have been coming from either the bay roof above or from the porch canopy or cornice. You were spot on!

As our insurance apparently doesn't cover dry rot and this is going to be a very costly affair to remedy, not to mention my having to redecorate again... I wondered if from your experience��..(deleted for confidentiality)

In any case I really regret not having taken your advice more seriously and had a more thorough inspection done before redecorating! More fool me!

I look forward to hearing from you.

C.B 25.06.12

We were very happy with your work on our current property and had recommended you to a friend of ours.

P.Lung 20.06.12

Thank you very much for the survey and photographs. It made interesting reading and a copy is now in the hands of my solicitor.
It was lovely to meet and work with you. Thanks for all you did towards smoothing a very long drawn out and complicated process.

T. Arlidge 01.06.12

Thank you -makes interesting reading!

L. Cass 02.05.12

Many thanks for the prompt work.

M. Ajami 10.02.12

What service!

V. Magee 03.02.12

Thank you for phoning me and for putting your report together so very quickly
We are so pleased
Thank you

M. Harris 01.02.12

WOW that was quick!!! Brilliant - thank you so much!

L. Goodwin 21.11.11

Thank you for organising this so efficiently.

F. Vander 31.10.11

You were brilliant today. Thank you so much. My knight in shining armour! Thank you.

K. Sissons 20.09.11

It has been a joy to deal with you.
Thank you so much for all your help.
All the best

H. Collins 06.05.11